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Pulling Off a Surprise Proposal in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why Surprise Proposal in Chiangmai? Asking your partner’s hand in marriage is a big milestone in your relationship. Many couples find it a lot more memorable to do an intimate proposal when they are travelling – it brings more excitements, unique experience which filled with stories and photos to share with family and friends.

Chiangmai is one of the beloved cities with many unique locations so perfect for a surprise proposal – whatever you want to propose your partner in a secluded mountain or waterfall view, or in the field with some elephants as your live witnesses – a solid planning can make this all possible.

Planning Your Proposal with Confidence and Peace of Mind

Here are some of our check-lists:

- Select the location (or type of location)

- Choose the time

- Work with Photographer

- Prepare Decoration

- Work on any necessary coordination

Some couples approach us not necessarily need to have the exact location in mind, as we know that you might be travelling to Chiangmai for the first time. A vision or concept like nature background or a private balcony would be a great start! The res of the details, how you like to personalize your proposal is something we are happy to work along with you – to make sure you have the proposal experience how you want it.

Before you propose, it’s important to feel positive and relaxed – not worrying about little details like double-checking if the venue and decoration is ready, or the photographer has arrived at the location. These details are for Marry and More to execute for you.

Having a Photographer on Standby

We highly recommend using a professional photographer to capture your surprise proposal in Chiangmai.

The candid reaction moments could be in split second. So having someone who understands the plan, know where to stand and hide, use the right equipment is very critical to capture a great photo that you will cherish for a lifetime.

How to Work with Us to Plan your Surprise Proposal

We welcome you to express your vision, or whatever you have in mind. Some clients already have a location in mind, some may need our suggestions. Then we will provide you with estimated budget along with necessary services to execute the plan.

Our clients are more than welcomed to have a video chat or in-person meeting with our planner and photographer prior to the surprise proposal date. This is to ensure you feel comfortable and know who your backstage team is, and to walk over the plan.

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