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Elopement in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you think a big wedding is not for you + you are so in love with Chiang Mai city – Elopement might be a great choice for you.

Sarah & Finlay tied their knot privately in a waterfall In Chiang Mai – they chosen to hike, exchanged their vows and rings in front of nature. It was an unforgettable experience for both of them. At the moment, it was just 2 of them and our photographer, quietly capturing moments for them.

How to Elope in Chiang Mai

1. Decide on your Budget

Come up with a budget that you are comfortable with. We do not have a ‘fixed package’ for elopement here – as the costs can vary according to different factors such as deco style, location, and other requirements from you.

2. Share your Vision

Tell us what you like! Some people are fans of Chiang Mai mountain, some love to be near water. Any place that plays a special meaning for both of you, we are all ears here.

3. Settle down the Date

Some locations need a reservation/permission in advance. As we do not want you to miss any special date that you pick!

4. Tell us what else do you need

We just want to be your local assistance in Chiang Mai here – just to take the stress off from you. This is just to ensure you can truly enjoy your moment between both of you.

Most of the times, couples request us for the following services for their elopement:

- Photography

- Make-up Artist

- Transportation

- Venue Coordination

- Floral Decoration

- Officiant (Optional)

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