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Mary and More Wedding - Peni and Kenny Kind Words_edited.jpg

Coordinating a destination wedding from another country isn't a pretty sight. But thankfully we crossed paths with Pasi and her incredible team at Marry and More. She was very intentional with her suggestions, thoughts and attention to detail. Pasi paced out the planning and decor discussions, & made sure we carefully considered every variable. It really helped that they're in the business of food catering as well, and were able to coordinate with specific external vendors on the day (including a cotton candy vendor 🤯).


We weren't the easiest of clients, especially with last minute guest list changes and very specific vendor/details, but the crew was able to work around these changes.


Our wedding day was so memorable because of the teams labor of love and we're forever grateful to this amazing squad for putting up such a top quality production! Thank you guys! 🫶🏾


My dream has always been to get married in Thailand, but the thought of planning a wedding while living in the US was the most daunting thought... then I found Pasi, who made wedding planning an absolute breeze! Working with Pasi was such a joy. She is extremely talented and was so thoughtful in suggesting ways to make any vision I had even more meaningful. Our intimate wedding was gorgeous and so well organized. We and all of our guests were so impressed!

I'm very grateful to Pasi and her team for putting together our incredible wedding. I HIGHLY recommend working with Pasi for truly stress-free wedding planning and a perfect wedding day!

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Mary and More Wedding - Sheryl and Elston - Kind Words_edited.jpg


thank you marry and more for helping make our dream wedding come true 🥺 we always wanted a destination wedding, but was unsure of how to go about it planning it from another country!

Was so happy to have found pasi & her team who helped make everything amazing on our wedding day!!

Would definitely recommend her to whoever is planning their wedding in Chiangmai ❤️ thank you again pasi & team!!!

Pasi and team did an amazing job with the planning of our destination wedding at the Four Seasons in Mae Rim. They went above and beyond our requirements and were very patient dealing with our constant changes and last minute requests.


Pasi was always willing to jump on a quick catch up all and it is worth mentioning we engaged her only 2 months before the actual event, which was executed superbly on a quick turnaround. Our guests were raving about the great weekend. Superstar team, highly recommended.

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Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 1_edited.jpg

ขอบคุณทางเตย และทีมงาน Marry and More ทุกคนที่ช่วยออกแบบงานได้น่ารักมากๆๆๆๆๆ ใส่ใจทุกรายละเอียดจริงๆ เราคุยกันว่าอยากให้งานอบอุ่น เป็นกันเอง ไม่ต้องพิธีการเยอะ อยากให้เหมือนชวนทุกคนมากินข้าวถ่ายรูปเล่นกันมากกว่า แล้วทางทีมก็ทำออกมาได้แบบที่ชอบมากๆ ไม่คิดเลยว่างานตัวเองจะโซคิ้วขนาดนี้ 555555 ตั้งแต่ป้ายเข้างานจนถึงมุมถ่ายรูปในงาน ชอบไปหมดเลย ยิ่งดอกไม้ในงานมีความกระปุ๊กกระปิ๊กน่ารักมากๆ เพื่อนหลายคนจิ๊กกลับบ้านไปด้วยเลย 5555 ใครจะแต่งงานแนะนำสุดๆๆๆ จองให้ไวเลยจ้าาาา

Thank you Khun Toey(Pasi) and Marry and More Team so much. The wedding came out to be so so cute! All the details were outstanding. After the big day, we both got time to reflect on how cozy our wedding was and it felt like a family & friends gathering, instead of a grand wedding like other couples – and thats exactly how we wanted our weddin to be.

I LOVE the details of the design and floral work, and my friends still talk about it until now. I highly recommended Marry and More as your Wedding Planner in Chiangmai.


Choosing Marry and More as our wedding planner was the best thing we ever did!

For our wedding the thing we were most worried about was how to turn our ideas for our wedding into reality. After talking to several people and not really feeling they understood us and also not feeling any special bond we met P’Toey from Marry and More. The experience from the very first meeting untill the day itself was beyond amazing. Our very first meeting with her we felt very comfortable and it didn’t take long into the first conversation to make up our mind who we would hire as wedding planner. We personally took a whole year to plan our wedding. During this period Marry and More made us feel very relaxed in preparation for our big day as they helped us with planning everything. They really went above and beyond and also paid attention to small details. Our wedding day really felt like ours as the whole theme and set up had our ideas incorporated in it. What I also appreciated was the honest and professional feedback on how certain things didn’t go well together. You can really be sure that they know what they are doing.

The staff that set everything up was also very friendly and made us feel like family. I really can’t thank the whole team enough on their stellar job. We will always remember our magical day and Marry and More will always have a special place in our hearts ❤️☺️ Special thanks to P’Toey & P’Aom for planning everything together 🔥🎉

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Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 3_edited.jpg

ประทับใจMarry and Moreมากๆ มากที่สุด💖 ขอบคุณที่จัดงานครั้งหนึ่งในชีวิตได้อย่างสมบูรณ์แบบ ครบทุกรายละเอียดอย่างสวยงามมากๆ ทีมงานมีความใส่ใจ คุยง่าย เข้าใจconcept ใช้เวลาในการบีฟน้อยมาก งานที่ออกมาพูดเลยว่าดีกว่าที่เราคิดไว้อีก ให้คำแนะนำได้ดีมากๆ จัดของให้เต็มแบบไม่มีกั๊ก ทั้งดอกไม้ ของตกแต่ง ทุกอย่างในงานคือเต็มมากก
ขอชื่นชมทีมงานมากๆเลยค่ะวันก่อนวันจริงและวันจริงมีปัญหาหน้างานที่ต้องแก้หลายอย่าง ทีมงานแก้ไขปัญหาได้ดีและไวมาก ทางเรารู้สึกสะบายใจมาก แทบไม่มีความกังวลในวันจริงเลยค่ะ ทีมงานStandbyเตรียมตัวช่วยเหลือตลอดเวลา และที่สำคัญทีมงานทุกคนคือมืออาชีพมากๆ ไม่ผิดหวังเลยค่ะที่เลือก Marry and more เป็นorganizer จัดงานสำคัญนี้ให้💕🥰 ร๊ากกก

I am really impressed with Marry and More’s service. Thank you for organizing once-in-a-lifetime event for us to perfection. All the details are perfect and beautiful. The team was very attentive, understanding and friendly. Even though our preparation time was limited, the team took effort to understand our wedding concept that we like. The outcome was better than what we expected!

Every elements in the event was hand picked, including flower and decorative props. I really appreciate their service. The day before and on the actual day, there were many unexpected problems, the team solved them very quickly and professionally. We feel very comfortable and has no worry at all on our wedding day. The team stoodby and helped us along the wedding day. Most importantly everybody in the team was very professional. I believe I made the right decision for choosing Marry and More as the wedding planner on that day.



A wedding is the biggest dream in everyone's life.
Marry & More made it come true most romantically and perfectly.
Wholeheartedly serving to make every wedding perfect.
Thank you forever for the memories filled with love and warmth.


You surely won't be disappointed.


Thank you my beloved Toey  
I love you to the moon & back.
You are my sister from above🙏


I feel heartwarming and delightfully fulfilling everytime I look back to my wedding.

hank you Marry & More

Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 10_ed


Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 11_edited.jpg

I would describe Marry and More as "The most professional wedding planner"

งานแต่งงานนี้คุยล่วงหน้ากับพี่เตยมาปีกว่า นานมั้ยล่ะ5555 ขอบคุณพี่เตยและทีมงานเป็นอย่างมากที่ทำให้งานออกมาดีได้ตามที่ต้องการ แขกทุกคนชื่นชมมากว่างานน่ารัก อากาศดี(โชคดีแหละ) และอาหารอร่อย

1. หาสถานที่ที่เจ้าหมาน้อยเข้าได้ เจ้าหมาคือคอนดิชั่นหลักของงานนี้🐶
2. ความไม่แน่นอนของจำนวนคนที่เพิ่มขึ้นเรื่อยๆจาก 250>300>350>400
3. บ่าวสาวแทบไม่อยากจะมีพิธีรีตรองอะไรให้มันมากมาย แต่สุดท้ายแล้วเราก็แพ้บุพการี... นู้นนี่นั่นเพิ่มเข้ามาเยอะแยะไปหมด แพลนโต๊ะและพิธีการถูกเปลี่ยนจนวินาทีสุดท้าย "แต่สุดท้ายงานก็ออกมาดีมากถึงมากที่สุด"


แต่สุดท้ายแล้ว Happy ที่ซู้ดดดด





It was my first time to produce a Japanese wedding, but it was wonderfully decorated and better than I expected!
The coordination of the venue was simple and matched with our taste for accent colors. The wedding dress was also shining.
Also, the historic golf course in Chiang Mai is a nice location surrounded by old trees, and the setting is well integrated with that location.
Did you look at the FB articles as well, all of them are just wonderful pictures? Thanks to the production staff who excited the venue and the photographers to instruct them on posing.
The staff members were kind to me and the Japanese people were very happy. The teamwork of the staff was also wonderful!
This wedding party is a memory of our lifetime. Thank you for the wonderful production

Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 4a_edited.jpg


Pasi is really meticulous & organized and  she handled every detail very well. Even though we were in Singapore and only managed to meet her in person one day before our wedding, she and her team still gave us the dream wedding we’ve always wanted.


The entire team is always prepared, ready for any crisis that may occur during the wedding. I had a wardrobe malfunction right before our march-in, but I wasn’t worried at all because Pasi and team swooped in and handled it right away.


Thank you dear Pasi and team for being so readily prepared, you guys made our destination wedding a wonderful experience. I would 10/10 recommend engaging them for your wedding 😃


Highly recommended!!!
จัดงานออกมาได้น่ารัก อบอุ่น ตรงบรีฟ (ค่อนไปทางเกินบรีฟด้วยซ้ำ) ประทับใจมากๆๆๆๆๆๆค่ะ ทุกคนในงานชม vibe งานไม่หยุดเลยค่ะ มีคนหลังไมค์มาถามว่าจัดกับ organized ที่ไหน ไม่หยุดเลย ❤️❤️

Highly recommended! 
Marry and More made our wedding so intimate and so sweet. Everyone at our wedding really complimented how lovely the wedding was, so many friends of mine even asked how the wedding planner behind all the production was!

Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 8_edited.jpg


Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 6_edited.jpg

The best wedding planning service ever!


We are very thankful to Pasi and her team for making our day very special. Pasi is very patient, creative and thorough with the event planning. Any ideas we had, Pasi can make them better in a more creative way. She is very thoughtful about little but important details. We are very lucky to meet Pasi and her team.


Would really recommend their 100-stars service!!! You won't regret!!!!!



Thank you so very much for organizing our engagement party! Really took the pressure of us and let us enjoy the day!

I would recommend marry and more to anyone organizing any event in Chiang Mai. 

Kun Teoy was amazing and really did everything, she went above and beyond.

Marry and More Wedding - Testimony 7_edited.jpg
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