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Marry & More Frequently Asked Questions:

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Why use a wedding planner for your Chiang Mai wedding?

Planning a destination wedding can be a stressful experience in terms of language and cultural difference, let alone physical proximity. Some of our couples have been and loved the city of Chiang Mai, and want to get a unique experience of getting married in Chiang Mai - but getting started on the planning and execution become their pain point.

We are here to bring your plans and ideas to life, with our experience with local vendors, we can hit the ground running with what you need and deliver every efficiency in getting our job done. Making sure you have a great experience having a wedding in Chiang Mai is our mission.

This will essentially save you time, money and unnecessary stress leading up to your wedding day.

Do you have a package?

We believe that every couple has different needs & ideas on their wedding, so we like to customize our package for each couple.

Therefore, we do not have a fixed wedding package as we can custom write a proposal to suit your needs.

Where do you plan weddings?

We are a Chiangmai-based Wedding Planner, so most of our wedding projects are in Chiang Mai and Northern cities of Thailand.

We also do wedding planning in other cities, but availability needs to be checked in advance.

Do you do other events besides weddings?

Yes, we have an extensive background in event planning - we also plan social events, parties, surprise marriage proposals, and meetings.

We have our own in-house catering and decoration team, so we welcome all types of event planning.

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