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LANNA FAIRYTALE: Chiang Mai Wedding

Our couple, Panda & Mike, expressed their wish to have their wedding to be Lanna-inspired, multicultural, and filled with lots of musicals and performances. Marry and More Wedding landed our final choice on The Grand Pavilion, known in Thai as Hor Kham Luang - which is situated in the middle of Royal Park.

The Lanna ceremony was set in front of the majestic Grand Stairs with the ending view of the stunning Golden Pavilion. The florals in the backdrop were in the shade of pink and soft purple, the Bride’s favorite color, with a touch of Lanna charm of hand-made paper umbrellas. The goal was to create a dynamic, yet culturally complimenting decoration to the wedding venue surrounding.


During our sequence planning process, we want to implement a WOW factor to all steps of the wedding.

Panda and Mike’s two part celebration was tied together with the most perfect shade of blush.

We started off with a traditional Lanna ceremony - naming the ‘Khan Mak’ parade with Thai dancers and drummers to bring live and fun to the ceremony, leading to a romantic and intimate ring ceremony.

The second part was their dinner where they had their grand entrance from the top of the Grand Stairs, led by a group of Thai folk dancers and traditional Lanna music background to mark their entry.

The celebration continued with a customized Thai and Lanna food buffet, and the guests were constantly wowed by spectacular Northern Thai dances on the stage. Each dance, of course, was handpicked by us with a meaning of blessing and happiness for our couple.

As a wedding planner, we like to go a bit of an extra mile. Since the bride’s family was a fan of live music, why not bring in a mini Orchestra to play some of the couple’s favourite songs? Nothing is sweeter than hearing your very own favourite song being played lived on your happiest day, isn't it?

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